Forty Plus Fashion, DOs & DONT's & More!!

Has any woman above Forty or nearing Forty cared anymore?

Yeah maybe about her kids, looks, health and what she wants NOW in life! I cant think of anything else, pls write to me if I have missed anything ;)

But how about Style, time to indulge and make a style statement (if you haven't yet).

I see many women around me who are aging graciously as the times have changed and women across the world have become more and more self aware. The change is visible not only in the way they think but also how they act and work around their family, friends and work. 

It is to these women the kaito Kuro (black in Japanese) collection is dedicated. In my quest to look stylish while aging (I am 44) I looked everywhere for comfort clothing. Since i couldn't find anything i thought of looking within an creating something new...

Sustainable Design, loose Fit, 3 piece outfit for women


















kaito Kuro collection is made of organic Jersey cotton  and 2% Lycra fabric

All pieces are made keeping comfort and style as most imp factor. 

The loose Fit Stylish Pajamas, tunics and scarves to match with Brass handmade necklaces, the collection boasts of excellent quality and craftsmanship. 


  And then I have Covid now to deal with (like all of us). I fell back again on my collection of kaito Kuro as we made Lounge wear too to feel comfortable at home and yet look pretty to myself :)

I hope you like the collection and enjoy wearing it. 


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