Terms of service


Dear Customer, 


Please note the Terms & Conditions for Purchase at kinche.com for Retail & Whole Sale



  • Each piece is handmade, eco and sustainable in nature.

  • All pieces are one of a kind in the world making them extra special as their names suggest. 

  • For Retail Customers you can raise a return within 7 days of receiving the item. Please note that the TAG SHOULD NOT be removed & the garment should be unworn & reach us within a month. 

    For local customers (Delhi & Gurgaon) the goods need to be returned within a week.

  • We do not prefer working on consignment, however if we still do we can put 10 pieces with you with 50% advance on WS price of the whole order. Pieces will be lend to sell for a duration of 3 months after which either you can exchange or return the pieces with the advance credited back to you or after deducting the amount of sold pieces.

  • Pls understand we only make 80-120 pieces in a month, hence its difficult to give more than 10 pieces for Consignment.

  • For consignment orders we give 30% off the MRP.

  • For outright WS purchase it is 45% off the MRP with full buy back guarantee. The courier charges and responsibility is buyers for sending the goods safely.

         Pls contact info@kinche.com for further assistance and for purchases.

        Alternatively you can also call +91 124 6614374 for any return queries. 


        Team kinche