About Kinche

Our Story: kinche.com is an online private labels that offers to the discerning few exclusive and exquisite women's, men's clothing, home decor and vintage items.

Started by payal jaggi, a seasoned fashion & home stylist, kinche’s product line consists of hand crafted and one-of-a-kind items that exude class and contemporary sensibilities. kinche brings to you the best of style from across the world and enjoys confidence of it's customers across the globe. 

 The author: Payal Jaggi started   kinche in 2016, driven by the sheer  urge of sharing the beautiful experiences that she came across in her last 20 years of travel.

A traveller, an epicurean and a connoisseur of everything worth a praise, is how she defines herself. These combined with her professional experience of over 15 years as stylist and a curator add to her confidence of offering what is best to her discerning customers.