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One Pair Ain’t Enough!

One Pair Ain’t Enough!

Has ever been a perfect pair of shoes existed, is their a perfect pair? 

Damn, my search for those pretty little things never finish! There has never been a moment in my life when I have said - “now I have enough shoes!” 

and to top all this I am in a wrong country where finding a good sexy pair of shoes is an another story all together :/ 

Yet I scour and search places/online stores/retail stores for that perfect shoes. 

I found these pretty pairs last week & thought of sharing with you :) 


Let me know what you think?

Leather heel loafers - Details of the article 3
Available at -;42,342,442
These 2 pretty ones available on Ajio, the brand is called Dune London. 

 And if you are a bit more crazy like me for shoes you can try importing them from etsy by getting them marked as gift!

Check this #Etsyshop out -


& my fav shop at Etsy -



Let me know what you think?



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