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Small Size, Casual Travel Jacket in Cotton by kinche Zoom

Small ~ Grace Julian Clarke, Handmade Orange Vintage Kantha Jacket with Check and Floral print


Measurement Details UK Size 14

Length: 22 Inches

Chest: 32-34 Inches

Waist: 30-32 Inches

Sleeves: three quarters, 21 Inches

Fabric Details 

100% Cotton
Military Style Jacket

Made of vintage, handcrafted material
High quality trimmings with brass buttons
Seams are locked with high quality gross grained ribbons 
Handwash or dryclean. Dip dry.

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Pre-Order ₹ 11,500
Product Description


Our one of a kind Handmade kantha Jacket is dedicated to Grace Julian Clarke, who was a clubwoman, women's suffrage activist, newspaper journalist, and author from IndianaShe was a central figure in the organizations she participated in through her efficiency as an organizer and administrator. She is best known for founding and leading the Indiana State Federation of Women's Clubs, the Legislative Council, and Indiana's Women's Franchise League 

UK Size 10, US size 8
Chest: 32-34 Inches
Waist: 30-32 Inches
Length 22Inches

We love the contrast between structured and feminine in this collection: using unique swatches of brightly patterned vintage kantha fabrics, kinche has created one-of-a-kind jackets that elegantly toe the line between modern and boho.
Since each jacket is made of vintage and unique handcrafted material, small blemishes add to the charm of each piece. ***None of the pieces can be replicated or made in any other size. 
Additional Information

Additional Information

kaito Size Bust 30-32"
Price ₹ 11,500