Small, Ila, Vintage Kantha Fabric, Short Jacket in Black with Floral Print

Rs. 12,500.00


Dedicated to and named after ILA Mitra was the leader of peasants and indigenous Santhals in greater Rajshahi region, currently in the district of Nawabganj, and was often referred to by them as RaniMa. She organized a peasant-santhal uprising in Nachole Upazila, Chapai Nawabganj on 5 January 1950.


Each kinche Jacket is named and numbered and dedicated to all the women in the World who stood for Human Rights & Equality. 

Made with Vintage kantha Quilts, each piece boasts of excellent craftsmanship and finishing. The inseams are sealed with gross grain ribbon, names embroidered on the jacket. 


Measurement Details 

UK Size 10, USA Size 2/4

Fits Chest : 30-32 Inches

Length : 23 Inches

Sleeves : 22 Inches
*Please note each piece is one of a kind in the world and cannot be replicated in any other size. 




Life is too short to live without the Small, Ila, Vintage Kantha Fabric, Short Jacket in Black with Floral Print. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021
kinche sizes go by bust Size. Womenswear
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Bust 32-34 Inches Size S
Bust 34-36 Inches Size M
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