Performance Outfits & Sustainability in Films

“57% of all discarded clothing ends up in landfill”


Solána Imani Rowe, better known as SZA performed in 2019 in a windbreaker outfit saying "Puck Flastic"!

A step forward in sustainability is much needed in Films & Stage Performances. Celebrities are the icons of the World! Youngsters and most of the grown ups look up to them for style, fashion and sometimes career inspiration.


While renting and swapping stays as our top fav. the vintage and up cycled goods are taking precedence now. 

Using or renewing old fabrics, not ordering too much to choose from, renting, are some of the ways Celebs and performance artists can choose to do. 

Women/Actors like Diya Mirza Has constantly endorsed Sustainability. 

Knowing the short span of time in which films are made, sets are temporary & the pace fast we have all the more reasons, especially in India to move towards sustainability in film making. 

Sourcing costumes, is also of the biggest part of film making. The looks of a star is pre decided and planned, hence sourcing becomes easier. A step forward would be creating an eco system where Sustainable Fashion designers or costume makers are in the loop and assist the Film Maker or the Stylist in staying on path with Recycling, reusing or using bio degradable fabric. 

Up Cycled Vintage Phulkari Coats

Up cycled antique Phulkari Jackets & Coats by


Ka Sha

The brand’s Heart to Haat project ensures that they’re always coming up with innovative ideas for waste management. 

 Brand Liva

This is precisely what LIVA’s design theories are based on. It is made of wood pulp, which means that after its life cycle, the fabric does not harm the environment. It is both compostable and recyclable.


 kaito Evening Wear : Made with Organic Lycra and Stretch cotton, finished with bio degradable embroideries. 



Despite the evidence that sustainable film production can save money, sustainable production documentation, transparency and coordination in the motion picture industry remains a rather new concept.

The task seems daunting initially but I am sure efforts will be made in Indian Film Industry to find various ways to reduce Carbon footprint.


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