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Organic Kala Cotton Beach Dress, Cocoon Shape by kaito Zoom

Medium Jaipur, Hand crafted Kala Cotton Frock Dress with Hand Embroidery


Kala Cotton Handmade Frock Dress with hand embroidery and pompoms. 

Loose Fit

Medium - Chest 30-36 Inches

Length : 40 Inches

Sleeves : Three Quarter


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Pre-Order ₹ 7,800
Product Description


Kala is one of the few genetically pure cotton species left in India and is one of the only species of pure old world cotton to be cultivated on a large scale. It requires no external inputs from farmers and people of Kutch refer to its type of crop as ramol (ram= god, mol= crop) as it is organic by default. The ball of the cotton is fed to the cattle, as are the remnants of the seed after it is pressed for oil. It is notable that Kala Cotton provides food for cattle which is the primary source of income generation in Kutch.

Additional Information

Additional Information

kaito Size Bust 34-36"
Price ₹ 7,800