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Medium ~ Barbara, Hand Crafted & Hand Embroidered Kantha Kediya Jacket Zoom

Medium ~ Barbara, Hand Crafted & Hand Embroidered Kantha Kediya Jacket


About the Jacket - 

Our Kantha Kediya Jacket is dedicated to Barbara Kingsolver, she is an American novelist, essayist, and poet. Her work often focuses on topics such as social justice, biodiversity, and the interaction between humans and their communities and environments.

About the Design - 

100% Cotton
Rabari style jacket: fusion of Gujrati style and Bengali Kantha fabric.

Made of vintage, handcrafted material

High quality trimmings
Seams are locked with high quality gross grained ribbons

Handwash or dryclean. Dip dry.

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₹ 16,900
Product Description


Measurements -

UK Size 12, USA Size 4
Bust 34-36 Inches
Length : 23 Inches
About Kantha Fabric -  
An age old handicraft tradition Kantha embodies the spontaneity, colourfulness and whimsical rhythms of the day-to-day life of its creators- the women in the villages of Bengal and Odissa. And it is to these female artisans as to the awe inspiring women across the globe, we at kinche dedicate our Vintage Kantha Jacket Collection. 

We love the contrast between structured and feminine in this collection: using unique swatches of brightly patterned vintage kantha fabrics, kinche has created one-of-a-kind, jackets that elegantly toe the line between modern and boho.
Since each jacket is made of vintage and unique handcrafted material, small blemishes add to the charm of each piece.

Additional Information

Additional Information

kaito Size Bust 30-32"
Price ₹ 16,900