Spring Summer 2020, Top Fashion Trends

One of the most exciting trend from Spring/Summer 2020 for me is an oversized Blazer fad! 

Team it with Denims, skirts, pyjamas or wear it like an oversized dress, versatile all the way..

"More and more, I’m working toward an idea of a ‘forever wardrobe,' focusing on pieces that I absolutely love and know I will love for years to come," says Natalie Kingham, the fashion and buying director at MatchesFashion.


                  Oversized boy friend blazers online india



We have few pieces we are watching which will be a perfect add on to your wardrobe this season - have a look 

Both pieces are available at Zara, India and are on Sale now!

For more colourful or couture look try - the colourful up cycled kantha blazers. 


 Happy Shopping.



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